Web Development Chicago and Suburbs

Web Development in the Chicago Area

Looking for a web development company in the Chicago area to bring your ideas to life? Our web development process begins with exactly that; the understanding of what you want to accomplish. Our development team includes business analysts as well as UX architects and graphic designers to bring your requirements to life on the web. Unlike large enterprise firms, we specialize in technical skills such as PHP, MySQL, JavaScript, Ajax, HTML5, and CSS. We make sure that what we create meets the highest possible standards on all levels by paying much attention to the structure and keeping the code clean and organized. The goal is to make your project match your business goals, on time and on budget.

“Bringing Great Ideas to Life on the Web using Intuitive Design and the Latest Technology” - Susan Feinberg, Professor of Usability at the Illinois Institute of Technology

Functional and Cost-Efficient Development for Small Business

Every business has different requirements. We pride ourselves in developing easy-to-use web applications that are tailored specifically to meet those goals and requirements. Help us to understand your "big-picture", and we can turn that into an intuitive web application to fulfill those goals. With experience in various CMS and development frameworks, we'll design, build, test, deploy, document, and manage your application using the latest and most cost-effective technologies available. We stand behind our software design and code and take full responsibility for every line of code we write.

Web Developmnt ProcessOur approach starts with recognizing and understanding your company's goals and objectives for the website. SEO Design Consulting will then translate the results of the brainstorming workshop into a concept strategy for the client, drawing from in-house methodologies and the expertise of its international partner. We then develop the website from the bottom up, giving top priority to the intended market/audience and overall user experience.

This is followed by the design of suitable information architecture, which in turn is followed by integration of your current marketing plan and logo design. This ensures that your corporate identity is consistent and easily recognizable whether your client is surfing your website or reading your latest newsletter. SEO Design Consulting has expertise and experience in web standards and best website design practices; we always aim for quick downloads, easy navigation, and most of all, consistency.

Website Maintenance

At SEO Design Consulting, we understand that the business environment is never the same and your website needs constant maintenance to remain as a true extension of your company on the Internet. If you have a website that needs changes, updates, or even a complete overhaul, our team will enhance your website for optimal success.

Website Content Development

Though web design and development could contribute to the appeal of the site, you require excellent content to maximize your business conversions. At SEO Design Consulting, we focus on passing the message to the audience rather than filling in the pages. A persuasive and informative communication style is indeed a signature trait of SEO Design Consulting!